Historic Milestones

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1.Increased stake in Takaful International Company in Bahrain.
2.Increased our stake in gig – Iraq (Dar Al Salam Insurance Co.) and gig – Egypt Life Takaful.
1.Successfully acquired AIG – Turkey through Gulf Sigorta (gig- Turkey) and currently operating as one company under the name “Gulf Sigorta”.
2.Acquired Takaful International Company in Bahrain through gig - Bahrain
3.Increased our stake in gig – Iraq (Dar Al Salam Insurance Co.).
Enjoys the privilege of being the first triple rated insurance company in Kuwait. (S&P, A.M.BEST and Moody’s).
Successfully acquired majority stake in Turins Sigorta, a Turkish non-life insurer and rebranded its name to Gulf Sigorta.
Increased our stake in Arab Orient insurance company-Jordan.
Successfully acquired majority stake in Algerian non-life insurer, L’Algerienne Des Assurances (2A).
Successfully established a life insurance company in Algeria,
Algerian Gulf Life Insurance Company (AGLIC) & becomes an associate to gig.
Increased our stake in Arab Orient insurance company-Jordan.
Successfully established the composite insurer, Gulf Insurance & Reinsurance (GIRI/gig –Kuwait).
Increased our stakes in “Arab Orient insurance company-Jordan”.
Increased our stakes in “Syrian Kuwaiti Insurance Company-Syria”.
Increased our stakes in our associate “Egyptian Takaful Property & Liability – Egypt”.
United Networks became associate company to gig .
Successfully established a group, Gulf Insurance Group (GIG).
Increased our stake in Arab orient Insurance Co., Jordan, Fajr Al Gulf Insurance & Re insurance Co, Lebanon and Egyptian Life Takaful Co, Egypt. Switched the investment in Egyptian Takaful /Property &Liability from available for sale to an associate Company.
Participate in Alliance Insurance Company’s – UAE share capital & becomes an associate to GIG
Acquired the majority stake in the Iraqi Composite insurer DAIC "Dar Assalam Insurance Company", listed in Baghdad Stock Exchange.
Established GlobeMed–Kuwait (Third party Administrator).
Increased stake in SKIC.
Fairfax acquired a significant stake in Gulf Insurance.
Acquired Egyptian Life Takaful Insurance Company through GLIC.
Increase Stakes in AOIC, BKIC , GIC Life, Buruj and AMIG.
Acquired the majority stake in Arab Orient Insurance Company (Jordan).
Slight increase stakes in Arab Misr Insurance Group (AMIG), Syrian Kuwaiti Insurance Company (SKIC) and Al-Fajr Insurance & Reinsurance Company (FAJR).
Increased stake in BKIC.
Obtained official approval for Buruj Cooperative Insurance Company (BCIC) , Saudi Arabia.
Increased GIG stake to be the major shareholder in Bahrain Kuwait Insurance Company BKIC and in Arab Misr Insurance Group (AMIG).
Established Gulf Life Insurance Company (GLIC).
Established Takaful Insurance Unit at Gulf Insurance, Kuwait.
Increased ownership in both of Bahrain Kuwait Insurance Company (BKIC) and SPI.
Established Syrian Kuwaiti Insurance Company (SKIC).
Acquired majority stake in Egypt's Arab Misr Insurance Group (AMIG).
Formed Fajr Al-Gulf Insurance and Reinsurance Company (FAJR) by merger of ITI with Al-Fajr Insurance and Reinsurance Company. Gulf Insurance holds the majority stake post-merger.
Acquired a majority stake in Saudi Pearl Insurance (SPI) and in International Trust Insurance (ITI).
Government of Kuwait divested 82% stake. KIPCO acquired majority stake
Government acquired 82% stake from share capital of Gulf Insurance Company.
Commenced operations; 2nd private insurance company in Kuwait.